What is K&K?

Welcome to Koffee and Keyboards. You may wonder, “Why am I on this blog? Why am I choosing this particular site to waste my time on the internet?” I’ll give you the answer.

This blog is a record of my life, for one thing. You may think you don’t need to keep up with another’s life and troubles; you’ve got more than your share with your own. But you may find mine interesting. After all, I am an American, and aren’t all Americans interesting? No? Well, I’m an American who lives in China and Mongolia at the same time. How is this possible? Well, I live in Inner Mongolia, which is a province of China. I do a lot of traveling around the world too (though my traveling days are basically over now; see my latest journey here). So you may wonder like a lot of the Chinese and Mongolian peeps over here: “What on earth are you doing there?” Well, we’re Christians. We work in orphanages and spread the Word of God.

OK, so what more? Most of the posts on this blog are not about China or Mongolia. What else is here?

Well, in a lot of my spare time I practice my biggest hobby: writing. If you’re a writer too or want to become one, this is the blog for you! I’m in the middle of a book called Bayonet, one part of a trilogy. I’m almost done! Here you get to hear Writing Updates, Writing Tips, Writing Samples, and Writing Everything, based off my work! Samples of my writing and even parts of another original book are here too! How cool is that?

So that’s it? That’s my life? That’s all that’s here? Not quite. Koffee and Keyboards offers a bit more. Book reviews, hopes and dreams (aka a coffeehouse of my own), and the biggest part of my life. Wait, what? Bigger that writing? Yep. His name is God.

Well, I’ve got nothing more to say except for a couple of other random things here. Because all of the above is what K&K is.

A wordsmith’s home.

Welcome to the sanctuary of the coffeemachine, the wordsmith, and the child of God.


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