Character Depth II

Another writing tip on character depth! In this post is a wonderful discussion on knowing the ins and outs of your character. Is he good at keeping secrets? Was she always enchanted? Does he like coffee or tea? Does she ever use her credit card?

Read to see my thoughts!

Give God the glory

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Character Names II

The most important source of fantasy names is your brain. However, this can be terribly unreliable. Filled with constantly reoccurring writer’s block, blackouts, and and mind blanks, your encephalon needs a little guidance to come up with character names, city names, and more. This post lists several helpful techniques that use normal, everyday words, and turns them into really awesome names.

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Steampunk: Every Writer’s Opportunity

Setting is half of the plot in a story. But the thing is, writers are running out of them. Medieval fantasy, sci-fi, and more recently dystopia have all been packed with authors fighting to be unique, but more and more it’s not working. What’s left?


Hear my thoughts on one of the last choices for authors. Grab a ticket to steampunk while there are still seats left.

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Creating Character Names

Character names! Probably one of the top subjects of discussion in writing. It comes easily to some. For other people, it’s a lot harder. This post is full to the brim on coming up with character names; some methods are original, or at least I’ve not heard of other using them.

This is probably one of the best writing posts on my blog. Maybe my best of all time. It covers a lot. I hope you find it helpful.

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