Bayonet is one of three books, a trilogy-in-progress that I’m writing. I’ve been working on it for several months now and have great plans for it and the sequels after.


Betrayal, a bayonet, the blade before the fire…

Life has been easy. Fifteen years three hundred sixty-four days. But on Drade’s sixteenth birthday, everything in his steampunk world changes.

Crimes and misdoings occur not only among the three military factions of Mavor, but all around the capital. Drade’s best friend’s genocidal dad is released from prison. The terrorist organization the Raevens is getting daring. Mavor’s aboriginals preach Daravas more and more. The tremors in Endom unknown to the rest of the country grow larger. And meanwhile Drade’s own father is acting a little too strange when the title “Paradox” is mentioned.

…but fear not, for fire cannot come without shot and steam.

A teen boy must save his country from an underhanded conspiracy of terrorists and murders or face his own death, and those of thousands.


Rough draft: about 90%

Editing: besides going back and reading what I’ve done every once in a while, none.

Completion date: as far as editing goes, I’m not sure. But I hope to get Bayonet done in 2014’s fall or winter. The move back to the States and adoption makes it unpredictable. Oh, and the fact that both computers we own are terrible, so much so they don’t even count, well, let’s just say it’s hard.


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