My Writing

Hey there! This is the writing page. Here you can read some of my work!

The Griffin Lord is an unfinished and unedited book I began. I’ve been slowly releasing what I have so far on this page. I started this a year ago, by far not at the peak of my writing, and since this is unedited, it obviously needs work. But this gives you an example of what goes on in my mind.* Read The Griffin Lord.

Inspiration Writing and Samples is a collection of links taking you to different posts on my blog. There are significantly less words here than in The Griffin Lord page, but some of the content is more interesting or in some cases better! May I recommend Griffins and Phoenixes and Fire Storms. Visit Inspiration Writing and Samples.

Bayonet is a work in progress (WIP), the first book of a trilogy. It’s an epic steampunk with mystery, action, love, and betrayal. This page includes a synopsis and progress area. Go to Bayonet.

*Some of the things I made in that book I wish to remain mind for other ones, thus I quickly changed them on The Griffin Lord page to other things not as good. See page for more details.


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