Bayonet Teaser

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated you on Bayonet, my work in progress. Well, that’s because it has been stuck on a computer which is broken. But, with the help of my handy dandy techno friend, we’re getting it back. After a few large edits, I’m getting right back into writing mode and going to wrap it up. For now, here’s a teaser. Enjoy!

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Aspire to Inspire: Chatting with Your Character

Need inspiration? Need character depth? Maybe your getting ready for NaNoWriMo and you need a writing jumpstart. Here’s a nifty method of getting a book boost: talking with you character. Whether you send a text, a mock email, or a letter, chit-chatting with your character about life an be a good practice. What would you say if you met your protag? Plus, this post is full of promts.

Give God the glory.

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Character Depth

Characters are plot. If Jimmy wasn’t so short, he might have been able to reach the cookies without the ladder. So the way I see it, the deeper the character, the deeper the plot.

Character depth is important. Quirks, attitudes, and backstories pile stratum after stratum of deepness on them. This post covers all three in deep ways of their own, complete with my thoughts.

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Steampunk: Every Writer’s Opportunity

Setting is half of the plot in a story. But the thing is, writers are running out of them. Medieval fantasy, sci-fi, and more recently dystopia have all been packed with authors fighting to be unique, but more and more it’s not working. What’s left?


Hear my thoughts on one of the last choices for authors. Grab a ticket to steampunk while there are still seats left.

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