We’re Leaving Soon: Both Poetry and Reality

I’ve lived in China for about three years. It has changed me in more ways than one. The fact now is that, I’m leaving soon. My whole family. And we’re also adopting. Soon. Really soon.

This post *sniff* is not a cheery *blow nose* writing update. It’s an entry in my journal. It’s a moment to remember.

To God be the glory.

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Creating Character Names

Character names! Probably one of the top subjects of discussion in writing. It comes easily to some. For other people, it’s a lot harder. This post is full to the brim on coming up with character names; some methods are original, or at least I’ve not heard of other using them.

This is probably one of the best writing posts on my blog. Maybe my best of all time. It covers a lot. I hope you find it helpful.

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