A Riddle from Me to You

Hello people of this world.

Today I bring a riddle I wrote to you. The answer is this so-called “password.” Simply comment what you think it is and you will win a big pile of nothing. Sorry, but I hope you will enjoy the riddle and use it on your friends. It’s best read. The poem reveals the riddle in a number of ways; at least four, and five in a way. But it is difficult.

Here it is.

Study this riddle, and you shall be free
from the teetering edge of this tottering game.
Even then, think and ponder, to free yourself from this dilemma.
Forward and back; quick, time is ending –
Short is the first part. For it simply look at the game
then think back to what you did; you’ll escape from this dilemma.
When you know the password, you shall be free.

See, we begin once again.
You probably realized this riddle’s no ease.
Every line you read is a letter of three in the stanza.

Quick! We’re almost done –

Seeing that we’re almost through with this again
you’ve hopefully recognized the patterns in each stanza.
When you’ve got it you’ll see it was an ease.

Well, best of luck. And yes, I know, it is not a poem. And the repeats of the words have nothing to do with it. It’s just something I think is fun to do.


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