What Divergent Can Teach Us About Character Depth

My favorite scenes in Divergent are when Beatrice gets run through the aptitude test. The scenarios she is put through define her character and delve into her inner being that controls her reasoning.

You probably already know where I’m getting with this.

Yep. I’m going to get straight to the point: putting your characters through scenarios deepens them.

If you’ve known me for this past month or two, you’ll know my new big thing is character questionnaires. I’ve created one that has over or about a hundred-twenty questions. I try to fill them out for all my major characters.

At the end of the questionnaire, I had a few scenarios. I asked a few questions what this character would do in this situation. It’s at the end of the questionnaire, so by then I usually can answer them without a moments hesitation. But what they do not only tests your knowledge of your character, but puts your character to the test. It defines them by their decisions.

I’ve made a larger list of character scenario questions, and guess what? It’s free! Feel free to add questions to it yourself. Only be warned: your character is going to feel a lot more alive.

Here’s the PDF:

Character Scenario Questionnaire

Enjoy! Give God the glory!

(Due to the fact that I have four writing projects going on, school, and time I’m devoting to God and family away from writing, my posts may be few in number for a while. Oh, and I admit I’m showing off a little with the next photo.)



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