Bayonet Teaser

At the age of nine, nearly every Mavorian boy gains an apprenticeship. It’s just our way of life. A good 13% become steamsmiths, which are the mechanics, techies, and engineers. They design, build, and tend to assembly lines, or handcraft their own machinery. Often times they get special orders, and it takes longer for the steamcraft to be completed. Another 8% are artists who create the junk that fill our museums. 15% more are barkeeps, restaurateurs, and small shop owners.

34% are more or less the servers. Waitresses and waiters, butlers and secretaries, and the people you never see that clean up in the public restrooms. That brings us to 30% left. 13% of those guys are the formidable businessmen who control everyone already mentioned. They talk, they charm, and they sell. They’re also the ones who made these statistics. A surprising 17% train for the military.

That brings us down to 1%. Who are those people?

We call them the Venguard. That means the Elect Soldiers. They’re split up into three groups. The Sky Forces, the Fleet, and the Elite Infantry, or simply the Elites. The apprentices of these guys are actually taken at eight.

My dad’s the captain of the Elites.

And me? I’m one of them myself. Right now I’m a Rookie, but I’m training to be a sniper. My job is to get to the highest point of the battlefield, and get through anything that lies in my way. Enemies, locks, or stairs.

Bullets in the brain too.

Have I actually done it yet? Nope. To young to fight. Dad’s rules: no rookie can participate in battle until their performance graduation. Yippee. So I stick to training in the arena for now.

Among my friends are Fost the Sky Cavalier, Flint and Lock the twin turretmen, and Naoni. Naoni the…we’ll leave her complexity alone for now.

So what should you expect for this new book? Well, everything I’ve mentioned and more. So wait a couple more weeks, and you’ll be hearing more about us.

For now, just get ready for all of Venguard’s forces pouring out against a misspelled bird.


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