What is Ghostwriting?

“Ghostwriter” is a term dedicated for authors whom the public never knows. No, this has nothing to do with pseudonyms.

There are several companies who employ ghostwriters. That company has several editors outline a novel, and have several ghostwriters “audition” to write that novel. The ghosts give the company a piece of their writing (often the first few chapters of the outlined novel), and the editors hire which author they like best.

The ghostwriter then has to write the whole novel. Very fast. Ghostwriter Emma Carlson Berne declares that she auditioned for a book that had to be written in just five weeks. Other times the time allotment is longer, but not by much. Its NaNoWriMo or more for every day between the day your handed the outline and the deadline.

As a ghostwriter, it’s important that you are able to write in several different voices, which is often what the auditions are based on. For example, you have to be able to write a convincing romance, thriller, or fantasy.

Ghostwriting is a good starter for beginning authors. However, just like a normal author, you have to be prepared for rejection. There are no agents in ghostwriting, but they still only pick one author from auditions.

I hope you enjoyed this brief discussion on ghostwriting. Thanks!


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