The Legano – Poetry by Harry Olsen

Whose teeth shine like emerald knives?
And in a cave an era survived?
An ancient dragon, a buried foe,
Surfaces at last, the Legano.

As a hatchlet, his green wings
Blew a tempest, storming sing.
His throat unleashed a terrible fury,
Ash and fire, a burning flurry.

His talons tore the sails of masts,
On the ninja, his wrath he cast.
Temples on peaks and infinite walls
Can not hide his preys’ death calls.

His scales reflect his victims’ eyes
Into a kaleidoscope of blood and dead samurai.
Legend says none can stop him
But the sword of One who knew no sin.

The Legano, devil of the night
Met Him on cliffs out of sight.
The One crushed the brutish skull,
But Legano recoiled and bit His heel.

The dragon thought he had won the fight
And killed Him with his dagger bite.
But Him who knew no evil,
Did not fall to Legano’s kill.

Three days after, they met again,
The One said “There will be a when,
A when where I’ll return,
And you Legano will finally burn.

The Legano thought he won a battle
And with assurance he drove like cattle
Humankind and helped them kill,
Backstabbing after, bending to his will.

But in the end, and end did come,
The One with soldiers and remaining some
Rode to battle and fought Legano.
He of no sin brought dragon’s woe.

They fought on hill, the final war,
Legend and prophecy and ancient lore
Described the fight that now took place.
Come and watch, Quick! Make haste!

The One locked Legano in a lake
And from him his power He takes.
The One, the King, won at last,
And not fire but love is what He cast.

He rules even now, with kingdom eternal,
And in mansions His followers, and in His castle,
Live in peace, with not a foe,
Not even the ancient, the Legano.


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