Snowhite – A Poetry Sample

Hey, y’all! We’re back in America and having a good time! God has been so good. To Him do my praises ring!

I was just thinking about this a bit when I went outside to get a haircut. Enjoy!

Snow is falling while I’m walking through,
It gives illusions that appear to be true
But they’re just mirages, snowy sirens.
Luring you into the mouths of lions.

My eyes perceive an ice cold wall,
But I dizzily trip and rudely fall.
A parallel universe is very disordered,
But one that’s falling puts you at life’s border.

Snow’s a beauty; I have sworn,
But every rose has its thorn.
A bit of awe still brings a strike
And blood lies reddest amidst pure white.

Wow! How do you like that! I love it. It has sort of a foreboding sense. Dangerously beautiful…

I’ll see you all next time. To God be the glory!


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