Back in America

Hello! It is I, Harry, typing one word a minute on my tiny out of date iPod screen!

Update: The family’s back in America, and I’m really happy. I’m suffering from some major jet lag, but otherwise, I’m fine. The Lord really has answered all of our prayers, and we have Him to thank.

Well, I’ve been giving a lot of life updates, but this blog is about writing. What’s going on with that? Bayonet has been at a standstill for a while, but I hope to resume it again soon. I’m beginning an anthology with my cousin, and I’m almost finished with the first short story, something inspired by a unnatural gesture from my dad. I also am beginning a standalone mystery short called “Like a Marked Deck.”

Well, that’s basically it! I know I haven’t been doing riddles recently, but I’ll catch up. For now, last post’s riddle solution is a library. The next riddle is coming next week.



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