Seven Days of Poetry: Adventures Beyond

Hello, folks!

Before I enter in upon the subject of this post, I would like to with all NaNoWriMo-ers a happy month. Good luck!

Now, for the post! I’m here with a piece of poetry written by me. It’s a different theme than the rest of them, but I’m still proud of it. Without further ado, Adventures Beyond!

There was a man, a traveler running,
He smiled at the woods, at the rivers rushing.
His feet ne’er stopped; they continued on
A pilgrim’s life, chasing adventures beyond.

There was a girl, an author writing,
She penned of ventures, and warriors fighting.
Her hands ne’er stopped; they always typed
A pilgrim’s mind, crafting ventures beyond.

There was a tree, his own secret,
He plucked the fruit of his hidden saplet.
Once a ten years he stopped his feet,
To see his home of cherries to eat.

There was a tree, sweet cherries bearing,
She wrote there often, for inspiration.
Sat on a root, typewriter on ground
She listens to her tapping and nature’s sounds.

He dashed on his ne’er ceasing feet,
To the shade, to escape the heat.
He peered around the gnarly stump
To see a girl and mechanical lump.

They looked at each other for a day,
The traveler and writer of far off ways.
“I’ve met my match,” the pilgrim thought
Her, “This is inspiration I’ve always sought.”

What happened after is forgotten, please,
Except in Gypsies’ minds and creative seas.
All that’s left is a tale of two people,
Who chased the adventures beyond.

Solution to another post’s riddle: T-H-A-T

This post’s riddle: What building has the most stories?

Post your answers in the comments! Good luck!

To God be the glory.


2 responses to “Seven Days of Poetry: Adventures Beyond

  1. Haha! I have finally found your blog, Harry! Your amazing blog-morphing of ultra confusion had me lost for a long while, but I finally found it.


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