A Brief Report

It’s 9:56 PM, November 2nd. The hotel room is dark and cold. Can even five-stars be haunted?

Just kidding with that last bit. Long story short, I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d give an update on our travels. We are in a hotel, probably five-star. It’s an SPG hotel called Le Meridian with a café called Latitude 49º that serves cappuccinos. It is dark in here; all the lights are turned out now. I have the brightness of the screen turned to the second lowest so I don’t wake anyone, and here I am.

We got here yesterday. Wow, it was a long day. We said lots of final goodbyes and took a delayed flight down south of China to pick up my sister, Ginny. Well, we haven’t gotten her yet. Today was the last day of just us five. We went swimming (jealous?) ate fantastic breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then watched a bit of National Geographic. We met another first-timer adopting family as well.

What else? We’re going to see Ginny tomorrow. Mom and Dad are gonna go pick her up while we Page and I stay back and attend to Roy (and possibly watch more National Geographic). I’m really excited. Our guide says she’s really proud of us and the pictures we send of us. And that she’s chubby.

As for how I feel, well, I don’t know. Should I be happy? Yes. Should I be dreading the next three months? No, but it’s perfectly reasonable. But after a talk with Abba Father tonight, I know it’s going to be all right. His Book says He works all things together for good, and that nothing’s impossible with Him. I trust that whatever happens, it’s going to be OK. Better than OK. Good.

Well there it is! Maybe I’ll get some pictures up one of these days. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a post for a while.

Give God the glory.

I’m sorry, I really need to get to bed. The answer and new riddle will be here soon. For now, a joke I made up.

All the Vikings gathered in Finland for the ultimate race up and over the Arctic Circle to Southern Canada. The Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians all left on their longboats as soon as the whistle was blown, all except for those of one single Viking tribe. Why? They were already Finnish.


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