Character Depth II

How well do you know your main character (MC)? Does he forget to brush his teeth in the morning? Does she ever use her credit card? Does he jump high? Does she think she’s pretty?

Think about a member in your family. Do you know what his handwriting looks like versus yours? Do you know if she likes coffee or only milkshakes? This familiarity is something you need to have with your character.

Does she prefer katanas or broadswords? Does he like riding helicopters or robojets better?

If you read one article on biology, do you immediately write an award-winning hundred page essay on it? No, of course not. You can’t do that with your MC either. You need to know the ins and outs of him; did he ever accidentally wear his pants backwards to school? Has she had several crushes in life? Does he like summer camps?

When you are more knowledgable with your character, your knowledge will come out consciously or unconsciously in your writing. Let’s say you figured out a month ago your MC’s only four foot five. So now, a month later, instead of writing “grabbed” you write “reached,” and you don’t even notice.

Does he like coffee or tea? Does she used to muck their stalls before she became a world-class griffin rider?

The little things you know about your character come out here and there throughout the entire book. Beware, however, that your character traits are consistent. Short people have Napoleanic complexes. Tall people don’t have tiny feet. Remember you said he was bald when you’re looking for hair color.

Does she dream of romance or of being chased? Does he show his teeth when he smiles or not?

A good way to get to know the ins and outs of your character is to just write down the answer to everything that comes to your head. But there are some very helpful tools on the Internet as well. If you search “character questionnaire,” you’ll probably get tons of results. Use them. They’re more helpful than you think. There might be a time when I make one myself. I’ll make a new post for it, as well as place it on the bottom of this post.

Hey look! We have one! Download K&K’s Character Questionnaire here!


Is he good at keeping secrets? Was she always enchanted?

Last post‘s riddle solution: A coffin.

This post’s riddle: You are the bus driver. The bus driver zooms down Blueberry Lane, hangs a left on Watermelon Road, and stops for gas on Avocado Avenue. Then he finally drives down Green Bean Street to pick up all the fruit in town. What color are the bus driver’s eyes?

Good luck! Solutions next post.

To God be the glory.


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