We’re Leaving Soon: Both Poetry and Reality

I’ve lived in China for about three years. In those years some of the biggest changes in my life occurred, thanks be to God.

It started in 2011. My dad had been studying Chinese for the last couple years and had always found a real connection with the Chinese people in his environment. It seemed as if God was calling us there. He was. Though His voice wasn’t audible, His will was. My Dad quit his job, we packed up, and headed for New Day Foster Home Beijing.

The first trip there was about two months. The phrase we always used was “dipping our toes into the water.” Looking back, I wish we just did a cannon ball into the water. We would have gotten started on this gloryroad a lot quicker.

Those two months at New Day still were more than just testing the temperature of China. There we met and named Roy, who I’m thrilled to say is my new little brother. We adopted him in 2012 while in China for the second time.

In Beijing I went to the foster home nearly every morning, working in the foster home. I hung out with the kiddos and did one-on-one time with a few as well. Until we moved to Hohhot.

Bam. Moving in a foreign country. Not everyone can say they’re doing that. Hohhot, Inner Mongolia wasn’t all rolling hills with Mongol cowboys fritzing around. The fact is, it’s bigger than New York. But it didn’t have a foreign community like the foster home in Beijing did. My Chinese wasn’t all the great then, so I’m sure you can guess my feelings.

OK, maybe not. ‘Cause we were bringing the community along with us!

The Samuels is another family that lived in Beijing. Together we worked to start a new foster home, New Day North. Along with lot’s more stuff my Dad did that I can’t say (top secret!), we really felt the LORD working through us.

Then we started adopting again.

Yes! Another one! This time a girl named after my grandma. Her name’s Ginny.


So, unlike Roy, we can’t meet her before adoption. But she’ll be ours on *drum roll cue* November 3rd! Or 4th! No, I’m sorry. I’m terrible with dates.

With the adoption of Ginny an a myriad of other reasons, we’re also returning home to America on the sixteenth.

Yep. Leaving my life for the past three years. Saying goodbye to one home to say hello to the other. I’m not really sure what I think. I’m looking forward to pizza and good milk, not to mention the rest of my family and friends I haven’t seen in forever, but I’m also leaving that here. Saying goodbye to the greatest Chinese food ever, and also the family we’ve built here.

In honor of my confused brain, I’ve written a poem! Yep; this poem, These Are the Moments to Remember, I whipped up this morning with a few ideas and inspirations from yesterday. Enjoy!

Hark and listen, behold and see
For our time here’s limited, leaving are we.
Road and tree, grass and dark sky
All pass away as above we’ll fly.

We’re not gone yet, though time is ending.
In minds panic, feet franticly pending.
In hearts, however, both joy and despair
We’re leaving soon; both watch and care.

All that we’ve known for as long as life
Won’t be with us, joy or strife.
These are the moments to remember
When we leave home for home, for worse or better.

Adding sisters and leaving sisters,
Looking forward to family first,
While staring back at family lost.
Who knew homecome had such a cost?

Laughing as we’ve ne’er done in years,
While crying so hard ‘til there’s no more tears.
Etch them down in your head’s book;
One day in pages back we’ll look.

Awkwards, happys, sads, angrys,
These are seconds that fly away as bees.
Catch them now before it’s too late!
Before they go home and sting mistakes.

Hark and listen, behold and see,
For our times here’s limited, leaving are we.
We mount the bird, we ride the horse,
Waving behind to our old life’s course.

We trot ahead or soar above,
Wondering where to store the love
We lost that love when we left
Our hearts are broken, souls are cleft.

Where to run? Where to hide?
We come home snowy, ushered inside.
The journey is finished, and we’re stabled at last,
But we can’t but think back to those moments in the past.

I said some of the biggest changes in my life happened in China. Adoption, new family, and loving kiddos are some of them. But the biggest is that my relationship with God has increased tenfold. And what change is better than that.

I’ll miss China.

Last post’s riddle solution: We had to winners! Congrats! Anyway, the answer is “Lucy!” Ha! Good job, everyone!

This post’s riddle (one of my one): Once upon a time there was a bird who couldn’t fly, nor ever could leave his cage. One day, however, he was released. He thought of all the places he wanted to go. He wanted to fly to Africa, Europe, Asia and more. But, he realized those were impossible dreams. He could never go that far without the ability to fly! But, before he finally fell asleep in his cage, he went one place. Where did he go?

Good luck! To God be the glory.


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