In Everlast – Poetry Sample

Hello, there!

I just wrote another quick poem. It’s not quite as good as the last one but I’ll think it’ll do. This one’s about a quick journey to Everlast, a type of Heaven.

The last line of every stanza is something I’ve been thinking about recently. In Heaven, all troubles disappear. The thing that’s impressed upon me is that this includes our own sin. We can’t do bad things in heaven. Note “dagger-less clop.” It was originally “sword-less” but dagger seemed more vicious and reminded me of sin. We leave it behind.

To God be the glory. He loves me. Enjoy.

Reins in hand, I pass the land,
Stopping ne’er, I’ll soon be there.
Atop a steed, His love will lead,
For past is past in Everlast.

Storm through fog and over bog;
Dancing over rock and log.
Swinging head, “horse race ahead!”
And past is past in Everlast.

Dagger-less clop, bag I drop;
Bringing nothing, leaving something.
Don’t look back to house or shack,
For past lies past in Everlast.

I feel the bend, for time soon ends.
I see the gate of ne’er-ending late
I’ll feel the rest the King has blessed,
For past stays past in Everlast.

Last post’s riddle solution: 1. One man is going to St. Ives, the “I,” the person speaking. Think about it. First of all, the man he met on the road may not of had his wives or sacks or cats or kittens with him. Or he might of, but if the “I” met him on the way, he was most likely traveling in the opposite direction. In other words, all the other lines but the first and last don’t contribute to the riddle.

This posts riddle: Lucy’s mother had three daughters. Two of their names were Bonnie and Agatha. What was the name of the third daughter? Leave your answers in the comments.

Give God the glory.


3 responses to “In Everlast – Poetry Sample

    • You are both right! You win a giant pile of…nothing. But now you have a good riddle to stump your friends with. I’m anxious to know, Joking Koala, did you know the answer already? Either way, congratulations!


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