WU: What’s Goin’ On ‘Ere?

It’s been a while since a proper writing update. I’ve written tips, samples, and weird promotional posts, but nothing in the field of updates.

So where’s Bayonet at?

Yesterday I wrote some 2,100 words, more if you count the three hundred (exact?) I wrote, then lost when the computer got unplugged. Looking at my chapter plans and quickening pace, I should be done with the end of the first draft by the end of October. It should have about 95,000-110,000 words. This is perfect. Since it’s really long to begin with, I won’t be afraid of cutting a lot.

After I finish D1, I’m going to put the whole book aside, and start planning the sequel. I’ll only edit Bayonet I get back to the States. Why? Well, I know it’s a good idea to put aside your manuscript for about a month before you go back to play with it. It helps you have a fresh look at it. And, yes, I do get the extra planning done. And if I find planning for the sequel keeps the story fresh in my mind just like it would be if I was editing, I’ll plan a new novel, one I’ve been thinking about for a while.

So, the sequel to Bayonet, eh? Yep, it’s pretty exciting. Title? I’ve got one, but it’s not for you to hear, not yet, anyway. I’ll have to think of a code name, but that’s hard since the name’s only one word. How about NML. Yes, we’ll call it NML, and whenever I say that, think Bayonet’s sequel. Got it?

NML is a very pivotal part of the series. However, I still don’t feel like it has enough meat. I also need to solve some problems and open new ones up for the final book to answer. I’m so stoked. This is all happening so fast.

When I go back to editing, I probably will read up on some useful ways to edit. I’m looking at two books: Stein on Writing and Revision and Self-Editing for Publication. I might read them alongside my editing process or choose one to read first. I’ll have to see.

I think that’s it for now…thanks for reading.

To God be the glory.

This post’s riddle: An adventurer is exploring new land when he is caught by the ferocious aboriginals. They say that before they kill him, he can make one statement. If the statement is true, they will kill him with an axe. If the statement is false, they will kill him with a spear. What one statement will save his life?

Leave your answers in the comments! Answer coming next post.


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