The Griffin Lord – Read Now!

“Amazing,” Lisa Fairs whispers to herself as she peers through her binoculars. There, hovering hundreds of feet above her is the largest falcon that Lisa had ever seen. True, she sees lots of wildlife just in her home’s backyard, and she particularly enjoys finding those that fly. But this bird of prey above her is the coolest she’s seen in forever. She stands in awe as if watching a dragon. The bird seems to be flying just below the clouds, but really is just skimming the canopy of trees around her.

Lisa focuses her binoculars closer on the bird. It appears to be all black, unlike any falcon in Canada. The eyes glow a strange yellow. They seem keen and watchful, not letting anything out of their sight. They dart from here to there, spying for prey, watching for any life small enough to pass through its wide throat.

Lisa sighs. She fiddles with a braid of her red hair. How I love falcons, she wonders. In fact, she enjoys all birds. She loves watching them fly hundreds of feet up, or simply and suck nectar from flowers, or maybe catch a daring mouse. She spends most of her time training carrier pigeons, keeping track of flight patterns, and nursing wounded fouls back to health. She doesn’t know where her love for the winged comes from. Perhaps it is from her want to fly, to pass above the clouds under the watching sun. Perhaps her love for birds is genetic, coming from her birth parents. Of that, she thought she would never know.

Read The Griffin Lord now!


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