Aspire to Inspire: Game or No Game

Welcome to the second post in my Aspire to Inspire series. This post is full of great ideas and maybe a couple of promts that will get you aspiring in your inspiration level.

Do you like games? Computer games, board games, card games…anything. Do you like games? I do. Games can be an incredible source on inspiration. Have you ever played Dominion? Dominion is game with only cards in which you build your own deck. It includes cards called “Village,” “Moat,” “Thief,” and “Militia.” The cards names are always fun to read. If you imagine your dominion with each of card, whether “Market” or “Spy,” you will feel inspired.

The thing I love best about games though is that how simply reading the back of them can make you feel pumped for writing. For copyright’s sake, I’ll leave Dominion’s introduction/logline/summary out, but it’s awesome. There are words like “monarchs,” “kingdom,” and more. It brings a quest alone with every word. It’s setting the stage for the game. What if you could set the stage for your book in the same way?

By the way, if you don’t know Dominion, you should seriously Google it. It’s epic.

Another game I love is Stratego (spelling?). This one is a battle of two armies. You have men of different ranks and your fighting over a lush green turf. You first organize the standing of your armies (and bombs) and take turns moving your men to try to get the opponents flag. That’s right, flag. It’s like Halo but better! I haven’t played this game in forever, but remember how awesome it was. As the name implies, it’s strategy. The various commanders, the names of different soldiers, the word “strategy” itself is enough to inspire me for a full hour. It could help you in your mental army-crafting. You should also look up this game.

So I’ve just thrown two really good physical games at you. You might like Risk, Settlers of Catan, or any kind of adventure/battle type medieval game. Now lets look into the digital world.

Virtual games can also be a source of inspiration. I’m not a big computer gamer, but the games I do know are awesome. The ones I recommend are by Sid Meier: Civilization IV and Colonization. There’s also a new one out, Civilization V, but I’m not sure if its good or not. That’s for you to decide.

These two games are empire-building games. Your a monarch or king-appointed governor and you have to look after your land. Wage wars, trade goods, discover new lands, make cities each with special buildings or soldiers, learn knew technologies and skills, and use precious resources to make your empire flourish. If my description of this game wasn’t good enough to get you to write about your awesome castle all day, the two games will be. Especially Civ IV.

Some general recommendations: Rio Grande Games for board and card games, and any game with a good soundtrack for computer games.

Here are some promts:

  • Read the intro on the backs of all your coolest games. Or try to find the description of your computer ones. They’re preferable if they have something to do with empires or castles or armies. Something like that.
  • After you do this, freewrite. If you don’t know what freewriting is, go to this post for more. But for now, it’s unplanned writing with only a few basic ideas or feelings to start with. These ideas or feelings will come from the inspiration energy you get from the intro or game description.
  • Go check out the store. Buy a new game! Do something besides writing for a while…

Thanks for reading. To God be the glory.

By the way, there was just a HUGE update on my The Griffin Lord page. The Griffin Lord is a unfinished book I wrote that I’ve been slowly releasing on that page. I just unleashed a whole bunch of chapters on it. Go see for yourself.


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