Aspire to Inspire: Chatting with Your Character


I’ve been doing a little reading on NaNoWriMo’s blog, and I really like all their inspirational posts they’re doing for upcoming November. (Btw, are you doing NaNoWriMo? Tell me in the comments!) I thought I’d give it a go and talk about the values of connecting with your character by talking with them.

Connecting with Your Character

So, what does this mean? Is it some mental thing where through ninja training and climbing up a mountain, your character and yourself become one? No. It simply means sending your character an email, letter, or text. This helps you get to know your character more, especially if you have them respond in a way you think they would. You can email them about the troubles they endure during the book, the great times before it, or the cliffhanger at the end. Shucks, you can talk about they’re newest sword or how your entire apartment complex has no water. (Prayer Request: Our apartment complex actually has no running water. The elevators weren’t working either, but eventually they put them back on. Since the landlords or whoever aren’t paying maintenance fees here, they’re shutting it off for everyone. So, don’t be offended if while your at K&K you smell something funny. Sorry. No showers Anyway, we can’t really wash dishes conveniently, and we need to go down to a pothole with buckets to get water for our toilet. No fun. OK, back to subject.) You can talk with your character about whatever you want.

Just have fun!

I wanted to try, so here’s an email I’m sending to my main character, Drade, in Bayonet. This takes place during the events. I won’t talk too much to avoid spoilers.



Subject: Happy Belated Birthday!

Hey Drade!

Sorry it’s been a while. Did my gift arrive? I hope you liked it. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the Races. Thanks for the invitation! I’m glad you had a good time. Nicks Varlighter forever!

Congrats on your new baby sister! You seriously need to send me a pic one time. I’m sure she’s really cute. Give her a hug for me. Don’t give up on your bike either.

Your Dad just sent me an email about all the stuff going on. I’m sorry. I hope they won’t keep wrapping you into all that. And…I’m sorry about the incident with your Dad. He still loves you, ya know. He was just telling me about how bad he felt. Somethings need to remain in secret though, Drade.

I hope you’ll have some time to drop by soon. I miss seeing you almost every day. I’ve been really busy around here too, though I’m dealing with a lot less stress than you are. School has been rough, and we have no water. Plus, I needed a disc for one of my classes, and it turned out that they sent a blank. I don’t mean to complain. Just frustrating. But God’s in control.

Say hi to the fam for me, and to Naoni. And if you get a chance send a video of you training one time. I’ve heard that your really good with a snipe rifle. I just want to see you in live time!

Your friend,


So I kept it a little short, but it was still fun. Now it’s your turn!


  • Send an email or letter to your main character, or any character you want. Talk about what’s going on with you and what’s happening with them. You can do this again to different characters too
  • If you want, you can have your character(s) reply. Remember to make them say things in accordance with their character.
  • You can also try doing a text chat. For example, Clives: how you doing, ed? i saw that you updated your fb status to “in lov w/ new sword” tell me about it. Edmund: thanks jack im doing great. yea, the sword is awesome. brb mr. beaver is calling. This might be fun since you can make it more like a conversational.

Happy writing!

Give God the glory.


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