Writing With Music


Have you ever written with music? I love it. Only problem is that I forget to switch it on sometimes. I wrote today and forgot…

That’s besides the point. Well, sorta. Today I’m talking about why putting on music while you write is such a good practice.

First of all, music inspires. It brings about emotion. Now, emotion isn’t always good. It can bring about bad feelings, or worse, bad actions. But as far as writing goes, I think it’s OK. Music brings in emotion in while you write, and that emotion can become ingrained in your every letter. Sometimes. Sometimes it might be your writing really lame stuff but your inspiration level is so high you can’t see it. But we’re talking about feeling awesome about your writing, so we’ll skip that part.

Have you ever been contemplating an exciting story idea or any cool concept so you bounce around your room thinking about it, then try to sit down and think logically while your leg not-so-subtly bounces, then you get up because the excitement is too great and bounce around the room again because the idea is so awesome? Often times the best ideas come from moments like that. That same feeling can be created when you got cool music going on while your writing. However, it’s tamed a bit. It’s really quite good.

OK, so you might have written with the music on one time and not felt inspired, and your right leg didn’t bounce even a little. Maybe you even got distracted with the stereo on. Why?

Well, first of all, it’s about picking the right music. I’m not a big music guy in general, but I can generally pick out a good piece of sound when I hear one. I like writing with instrumentals and soundtracks. Well, the instrumentals are actually soundtracks, but written by Bach and the other musical prodigies. Yes, they’re classical. But there are other soundtracks that are, well, just soundtracks. Soundtracks from games. Now, like with music, I’m not a big computer game guy either, but I can appreciate their sounds. The Minecraft soundtrack is on my writing playlist. I like the creative thrill it brings. Music from Civilization IV and Colonization are also among my top list.

Alright, so you’ve got the right type of music. Now the next part is when to play it. It wouldn’t be good to listen to Jingle Bells when writing the most serious scene in your book. What I do is rename the music to something like “JohnTheme.mp3” or “EvilTheme2.mp3.” I listen to the piece and pick a character, setting, or feeling, and put it in the title so I can play it when it fits. In my Writing Music playlist, I like listening to “GrandessTheme!”

After a while of writing, the music goes past your head and you don’t care whether Fur Elise or Baby is playing during whatever scene. But it’s good to pick and choose at the start.

So that’s all I really have to say! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time at the desk.

To God be the glory.


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