Writing and Cards Aside


It’s September 14, 8:41 AM, Sunday morning in the year 2014. I’m sitting on my hard bed with the computer on my desk chair, typing on out laptop that can’t be unplugged or else it’ll blink and turn off.

The previous night I had an idea to write an update on my actual life. After all, I do live in China and Mongolia at the same time, and that’s pretty interesting, right?

How’s that possible? We live in Inner Mongolia, a province of China. A couple miles north (give or take a hundred) is Outer Mongolia, the country. I’ve only visited it once with my Dad, but the Inner part is in the Innermost of my heart (like this post for dramatic “home sweet home” line!)

Well, what do we do in Inner Mongolia? Well, believe it or not, part of that is confidential. That makes me feel like a spy from 24 or something like that. The non-secret part is that we help in orphanages here. Well, not in Hohhot, the city we’re located in, but in two other places a train ride away.

So what about me? I’m fourteen (surprise, surprise!) and a sophomore in high school. I have blonde hair, gorgeously handsome blue eyes (not true), and wear contacts (just got a new pair yesterday). Know what? Here’s a photo.


Right now, I’m doing school. Well, right now I’m writing this post, but in this general part of the year, I’m learning chemistry, English, soon Chinese, Ping Pong, history, and algebra.

Ping Pong? What is this? I have a taste besides writing and cards? Yes! Ping Pong! It’s now required by my mother that I go practice three times every week. I don’t have a photo of that, but just picture the kid above holding a Ping Pong paddle instead of that random metal bar.

What’s another thing about me? Well, I’m a Christian. I’m not Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist or anything like that. I believe in God, and I believe that He sent His Son to take the punishment for our sins. If you want to see more of Christianity, take a look at the right sidebar. I explain it plenty. Further reading? How about the Bible?

I also like reading (current book: The Princess Bride), hats, the color purple, comfortable jeans, computers that work, and other handy candy things!

OK, so back to the whole China-Inner Mongolia thing. We’re leaving in November. Yes sir, we’ll be hoppin’ on a plane and flying back to old town Pennsylvania. Why, well, let me give you a brief history.

My little brother, Roy, is adopted. He’s from South China, and we love him a lot. Guess what? We’re adopting again! Ginny, my soon-to-be sister, comes from the South as well. If you don’t like spicy food, the place she’s from is your stomach’s place of no return.

OK, so what does this have to do with moving back to the States? Well, it’s a needed step in the adoption process for Gin to get American citizenship. China will be missed, however, and will remain in the innermongoliamost place of my heart (another like for repeating myself! repeating myself!).

OK, so the post says “Writing and Cards Aside.” Here are, anyway, a few brief announcements.

For cards, I’m putting them aside until we get to America. Believe it or not, I’ve gotten too into them. They’ve marred my relationship with God and it’s time to stop that. I’ve been reading through the New Testament epistles and over and over again it has been revealed to me that that all needs to end. Why until America? That’s when I’m going to see whether I can start again without making it a crazy part of my life. So, yay for all you who think tricks are boring and want more writing and Jesus on my blog!

For writing, I need to get back into the flow of Bayonet. The long break I had made me lose my touch, and I need to get it again. That’ll take a while, but I’m guessing the book won’t be done by this year anymore with the move, adoption, and all. That’s a big reason I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo. Sad, sad, but inevitable, inevitable.

So that’s it! If you want to hear all of this again, go to the About Me page. There, if you want, you can contact me. Just scroll past the photo of Roy and I and you’ll see the contact form.

I’ll see you all next post.

To God be the glory.

(Alright, so I keep saying that Loyal to a Fault Part 2 is coming soon. Keep your fingers crossed but don’t bet on it.


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