WU: Wreturn to Writing

Greetings, ladies and gents.

It is I, Harry, and I am here with more writing news.

Of course you all have seen that I have been focusing on card tricks a lot on my blog. Well, we will now plunge back into the world of writing again, since I have begun working on Bayonet once more.

I thought I’d come to you with a writing update, the first in a long while. I don’t have too much to share about my current book but the fact that I’m going back and rereading what I have so far to get back into the rhythm, which is much needed since the place I’m starting is a roadblock I left off in. I need to find a way around it.

I’ve also outlined the editing processes for Bayonet. I’m using something called layering. I’ve been meditating upon it for a while, and will soon ut it into play when my first draft will be done.

So what about my other books? Well, I’m not working on any other now, but I do have ideas for five more not a part of the Bayonet trilogy. What are they? Well, obviously I can’t tell you it all, but here are a few summaries to inspire your guessing.

  1. I told you about this one already in another writing update. It’s Agatha Christie with a Dr Who theme. The Agatha Christie part is more prevalent; it’s a murder mystery, or actually several murders. The Dr. Who part mostly comes with the word “Who.” You see, the detective…never mind. I shan’t say more except this is probably going to be a trilogy. So, this is three of the five book ideas I mentioned. Don’t be too disappointed; each of these books have different plots. Don’t think of it as a trilogy, but as a book with a sequel and another sequel. The plots of each are only mildly connected. This one takes place in our world.
  2. This one I’m the most excited about. It’s a standalone epic with a lot of meat inside. It involves the concept of time, and would happen without it. What if people’s times were switched? What if something happened when time was gone, and started up again? I have three…four protagonists planned for it. It’s going to be a lot of fun. This too takes place in our world.
  3. I won’t say much about this standalone except that it’s Atlantis themed. My ideas are least developed on this one.

So, what do you all think? Leave your thoughts in the comments. What seems to be the most exciting? Which one got you guessing the most? Which one is your favorite?

Well, there it is. Part 2 of Loyal to a Fault is coming soon. I hope you read the first part!

Give God the glory.



One response to “WU: Wreturn to Writing

  1. I like all the ideas. The one about switched time seems interesting. Oh and I can borrow The Sky Riders for free on my Kindle so I’m going to be reading that on:)


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