wu: nanowrimo prep: day 3—getting used to it and getting in to it

Today, I just barely made it past 1,666 words in Bayonet—the amount of words I’ll have to do each day to make it through NaNoWriMo alive. It was pretty hard. Not too hard…but hard. It doesn’t help that the scene I wrote was boring—I think I’ll go back and edit it later today.

I’m going to try to keep writing more than 1,666 words everyday for a while, just to get used to writing that much. It’ll be hard, but it’s like practice, in a way. It’ll make it easier for November.

Like I said, the scene I wrote today is boring. I think a big part of writing a lot is writing exciting. If you don’t enjoy what you’re writing, it’s unlikely that the reader will either. Now, I’m not saying your books should all be battle scenes and lots of running; I get bored of that pretty quickly in a book if there’s too much of it. Bayonet has barely any action scenes, at least compared to other fantasy novels. But there is excitement. Mystery unfolding, mystery answered. I love that stuff.

Another thing that made writing boring today is the fact that it was shaping one of my characters the wrong way. She’s made awkward when I want her to be the type of girl you want to talk to after a hard day. She’s now overexcited about everything when I want her calm and cool…and relatively normal. Both can make good characters, but only one is likeable. I’m pushing for that one.

I believe that’s it for this brief writing update. Thanks, and I’ll see you next time.


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