I’m In, NaNoWriMo!


NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month! “No” can also stand for this coming November!


Here’s my game plan. I’m calling it my NaNoWriMo Plan. Creative, huh?

  • August through October fifteenth: finish writing Bayonet‘s first draft.
  • October sixteenth through thirty-first: finish planning for Bayonet 2, AKA error: code red (name cannot be revealed)
  • November: write fifty thousand words of my next novel!

Sound good? However, there’s a catch, or should I say several “catches.”

  1. We are adopting a little girl. Praise the LORD! I’m not upset, disappointed, or frustrated at all! However, our “adoption trip” will most likely have to be in the time frame (October & November). We’ll bring our computers, so I can write. However, time will be scarce.
  2. Editing will be a doozie. Not only will I have to correct one speed-written novel, but will also have t go back and edit Bayonet! 😕
  3. Plus, finishing forty thousand words+ for Bayonet so close to writing fifty thousand for, well, code red again, could be difficult. Then there’s refining the planning I’ve already done for the next book…
  4. School. 😡

You may wonder, “Why do it in November?” Because that’s the official NaNoWriMo month. I will be an official winner if I can do it then. Fifty thousand words. If I can’t complete it in November, I’ll simply finish what I have and start with my third book (after two books of editing). I’ll try to write that in thirty days, no matter what actual month it is.

If you think I can accomplish NaNoWriMo Novel Crafting this November, say “Aye!” in the comments to show your support. If you believe I cannot accomplish such a preposterous notion, declare “Nay!”

Thanks guys.

Happy writing!



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