Psyched about Psycles

“C’mon, dude, let’s go!”

“This is against the law, man. We could get arrested.”

“Nah, they won’t find us. The guard’s are too busy watching the races to notice us down here. Now hand me those bolt cutters.”

“OK, but if we get in trouble, I’m pointing my finger at you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Wait, I got it! Get inside!”

“Man, it’s dark in here.”

“Let me hit the light. There we go.”

“Wow! Look at all these motorbikes!”

“Yep! This is just the VX room. Wait till we see the Auto-Riders!”

“There are Auto-Riders here?”

“Yeah, the Bridesmaid is riding one himself tonight. Let’s go check them out.”

“I don’t know…we could get in serious trouble for this. Those bolt cutters have my fingerprints all over them.”

“We’ll ditch them on the way out. C’mon, the ARs are this way.”

“Wow! Look at the brass! Shining like crystal.”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re made of diamonds, the way they’re priced.”

“Man, don’t sit on them!”

“Why not? Professionals do it all the time! Heck, they practically live on these things.”

“The only thing you’re going to accomplish is put you rear in the same place the pros do.”

“Yeah, you’re right! I should sit on all of these! Imagine the price I would get for these pants…”

“Hey, get off of there!”

“This pressure switch looks a bit rusty. Maybe if I try to scrape the grime off…”

“You’re going to drive out onto the track!”

“The switch is jammed! Here, help me push.”

“No way, Jose. If you get yourself killed, you’re doing it alone.”

“I’m not getting myself killed, I’m just woah!!!!!”

“Man!! Come back! You’re going to—crash through the wall. Too late.”


“Now you can officially say you crashed into the Bridesmaid. Now the champion. Man, I wonder how much your cast will fetch.”


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