Griffins and Phoenixes

“My, a griffin is such a calm creature. Especially this here grifflet. He’s so cute I could take him home with me.”

“This is no petting zoo, mind you. This is the Aviary of Cascan. These birds are or are being trained to fly into battle and kill, mounting choppers and cutting them from the sky. Be wary.”

“Surely these beauties can’t do much harm. Especially this one. He’s cuter than a bunny in the spring.”

“But look at those claws! They could surely decapitate a man!”

“They just need a light trimming, that is all.”

“And that curved beak! My, it could fit my whole brain in there with one bite!

“That’s not saying much.”

“Let’s move on. We’re not even supposed to be here.”

“But we haven’t looked at the hippogriffs yet!”

“They’re uglier than a pithrig’s backside! Let’s go.”

“Hey look, a black roc!”

“Wow. Amazing. Note how thrilled I am to see a black rock.

“Not a rock, a roc! A giant hawk! This one is bigger than normal. Probably huger than a thoroughbred griffin!”

“Brother, I’m not sure that’s a roc.”

“Look how fierce it is. And not even caged! It must be well trained.”

“Not caged? You’re right! There’s not even a chain!”

“What is it doing up there? Eating something?”

“My, that’s a skull I see up there! A burnt skull! Run!”

“What’s the matter!”

“It’s alight! It’s a wild phoenix, and it’s on fire! It’s flying this way! Run!”

“But it’s so cute I could take it home with me…”


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