wu: an overall update

Hey guys.

It’s been a while since a decent writing update besides the quick ones that have been coming here and there. Most of my posts have been card related ones, which is not a bad think, just tiring for those who don’t care. So sorry about that.

Before I go on (and while I am on the subject of posts, blogs and such), I was wondering whether you guys think it a worthy thing to open a new blog for just writing updates and such. If you are in favor, comment “aye!” If against such a preposterous notion, comment “nay!”

Now onto the writing update for Bayonet. Well, as far as word count, not much different from the last writing update. I have about fifty-seven thousand words: that’s about half of a novel, and about half of my book. The thing that added a lot of length to it is the third-person chapters scattered throughout my book. These third-person chapters are mainly from the perspective of a girl in a farmer’s city: it is subjective to her view only, even though it’s third-person. I usually place these in between every two of the first-person chapters, what I call the main chapters.

Like I said last time, I am entering an exciting part of the book. The problem I’m worrying about is repetitiveness; my protagonist gets arrested three times. You see what I mean? I suppose if I try my best to use different words, context, and reasons for the arrest, it could work out fine. But all it takes is a smarter-than-normal reader to realize the tautology. I don’t want that.

There have been good things about my writing though. A big part of it is the mystery that is involved. For a little bit of a background: I plan ahead for my books. But I don’t plan much; I leave room for mid-writing creativity. Because of this, I have been cleverly working in enigmas and quandaries and all of their answers in the middle of chapters. Sometimes I make it slap-yourself-in-the-face simple. Other times it is deviously complex…

Another good thing about Bayonet is the variety of themes. Supernaturalness, mystery, politics, swords-and-spears fantasy, steampunk, romance (mild, don’t worry), friendships, cowboy Western stuff, action, guns, terrorism, and a whole lot of other awesomeness. As you see, I am very proud of my book. I hope you lucky few who will read it at some point in your life will be too.

That was all for Bayonet. What’s next? I have more in writing updates besides Bayonet? Yes.

I have been having eye-dee-ahs. For more books. I can’t reveal too much, but they’re mystery books. Think Agatha Christie meets Doctor Who. Yeah. I know what you’re thinking.

Seems like best-seller material!

Whew! That’s it for now. I’ll see you guys next time, and I hope you enjoyed this update!

Oh, by the way, I downloaded a new game called Civilization IV: Colonization. With it comes more music like the awesome stuff I talked about from it’s mother game. I now listen to it when I write!


2 responses to “wu: an overall update

    • Also, glad to hear that work on your book is progressing well! I’d love to read it when you finish. Good luck with your exciting part!

      (By the way, since WordPress handles your situation just fine with categories, I don’t think you really need to create a separate blog for your writing updates. Just my two cents.)


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