wu: bayonet: 49,387

Yes. You’ve seen the title. That’s forty-nine thousand, three hundred eighty-seven. That’s nearly twice as much as the last time I told you the word count. In between the time I’ve been in Mongolia for two weeks, mind you, and been learning and designing some of the best card moves in history. But yet I managed to get another quarter of my book done.

The last few days I’ve been working especially hard. The plot is really starting to pick up, and intenseness is beginning to grow. I’ve had my first battle scenes, my crime fighting times, and areas of Mr. E. I introduce new characters and bring back seemingly pointless ones. It’s great.

In it, the protagonist is getting into real trouble. It reminds me of The Sky Riders. I really push him. Drive him against the floor. Tragic for him, but it allows the reader to wonder exactly what happens.

That’s it. See you next time.


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