Finishing a Book

Whenever I finish reading a book, I feel as if I’ve woken up from a long nap. A wonderful, relaxing rest in which I still desperately try to cling to even after I’ve woken up. I do not right away occupy myself with something else in fear that during it I will forget the wonderful feelings and parts of the story that I very much enjoyed, and that the last remnants of the rest that calmed my mind will disappear, and I will go back into the routine that I daily am immersed in. And as a result I would forget the entertainment and joy I experienced when reading the book. We cannot not do this, for the fleeting memories of fiction are sometimes what push us on in our very nonfiction world.


Do you like that that? A little dramatized, I know, and especially the last part, for we all should know that God and the Lord are the only Ones that can help us through hard times. But, I like it and believe it’s a quote that we should slip in out pockets when we think of Harry.

Still, dramatized.


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