Outer Mongolia Madness

Hello, peoples. Recently I have been living on the wild side, as you see in the photos below.



Facing the Storms

Facing the Storms

Facing the rocks on my own. (That's a statue.) :D

Rock climbing on my own. (That’s a statue.) 😀

Oh, and I’m also taking ping-pong lessons. But that doesn’t compare to that huge rock I’m holding. Or climbing.

Alrighty, so now onto the real subject of this post. I went with Dad to Mongolia recently. There I did a lot of things. Perfected my card scaling/throwing techniques, losing in soccer and basketball, climbing three mountains, fording an icy cold river that looked shallow but ended up getting my only pair of jeans soaked, and climbing on Ghengis/Chinggis Khan’s horse’s head!

Meeting Mr. Khan and his trusty steed

Meeting Mr. Khan and his trusty steed

Mr. Khan was very friendly. He let us go on his big horse and everything. However, though friendly, he didn’t look it.

Cheer up, Ghengis!

Cheer up, Ghengis!

Besides that, we stayed in a wonderful guest house with a wonderful family and with wonderful food with a wonderful book on the Kindle. It was a wonder. But I got ful of the food after a while.

When not in the guest house we were in a nice camp where Dad shared the Good News with several young Mongolians (when I say young, I mean in their late teens). He had a translator and everything. There, we climbed one mountain to its top.

Then we went to the countryside. There, we climbed two mountains to their tops. That’s a total of three mountains We stayed in a fiery furnace heated seven times hotter (AKA a yurt) that was infested with bees that’s we’ve heard cause paralysis. This was where we crossed the river. There we also a selection of several animals that were just everywhere. Horses (we saw them running or grazing everywhere on our hikes), cows (who’s bulls Dad though would attack us; they were everywhere), sheep (we didn’t see them really when walking, but on the car ride there we saw tons), and lots of shaggy-haired yaks (in which we had no idea what they were until we got back). We also saw a skull of which I think was a sheep.

All together, it was a fun time. Though I didn’t bring a deck of cards (I later bought one at the airport) and had only a notepad that fell apart to write in, I enjoyed the rest. Dad and I read through Matthew and most of Mark, and something really amazing happened. We were in the furnace with Shadrack and friends reading Matthew, and it was really windy and cloudy. But when I was reading about Jesus’ resurrection, the sun clearly shone through the window on the top of the yurt. Amazing. And possibly divine. Who knows but God.

Well, that is it! I’m back in Inner Mongolia. Our good ol’ Canadian friend, Natalie, is migrating home today. We are all praying for journey mercies and a wonderful return home to the Arctic. Though I would bet a million dollars on the fact you’re not reading this, goodbye Natalie!

Well, this is my third time wrapping this post up, and this time I have nothing else to say.

Daravas bless,

Harry AKA Sam AKA Samurai AKA Samorelse AKA Samuel


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