Recommendation…er, Monday—SPOILERS!!

Greetings, ladies and gents. It is I, Harry, the man who is not very Russian. However, I may be related to Isaac Newton. That’s worth something. Today I’m going to be writing about books. Two books I wish to recommend.

Sword in the Stars

The Errant King

Voila! Amazing. Cover art, that is. Yes. More Wayne Thomas Batson books. Don’t worry. I don’t just read him. He’s just my favorite author is all.

OK, now to the books. Sword in the Stars, a fantastic read indeed. I finished it a while ago, and it was worth my time and the money. (I’m not going to say my money, ’cause it wasn’t exactly mine…) Awesome characters, High King Overlord Aravel, King Morlan, Ex-Assasin Alastair, High Shepherd Sebastian, King Ealden, and King Drüst to name a few… Yes I know. A lot of kings and high people. Great, complex, clever, thought-out plot. Starting with the life of an ex-assasin, dwelling on the regal thrones of kings and queens, speaking of shepherds, awesome references to other authors…all around awesome book. I loved the character development the best, explaining flaws and strengths. The epigraphs are amazing too. They really add depth to the story and the world Myriad.

The Errant King. Can’t quite give a whole summary of that one. Haven’t finished it yet. But so far, it is awesome! Lochlan, Telwyn, and Meli and Tango are new, but yet they have a few of the same other characters, such as Alastair and Abbagael. I love the focus on the peasants’ lives with Lochlan going errant, but I also love the new race: Spriggans. Those things are like hobbits that never grow weary! And Cythraul has returned…

I know that was a quick book review, but know this. You ought to buy them. The images above have click-through links taking you to their Amazon pages if you’re interested…

By the way, I’ll be heading over to Mongolia (no, we do not live in Mongolia. We live in Inner Mongolia, still a part of China. It’s complicated, I know.) pretty soon with my Dad. Pray for that if you will.

Thanks guys, and as Mismag822 says,

I’ll see ya next time!


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