wu: bayonet: music—writing tip


More awesomely, classical music that is used in your favorite game.

But not only classical music, but epic, intense, redemptive music that suits all time.

The Civilization IV soundtrack. I’m listening to it right now. I feel like every time I write, I’m going to listen to this music. This awesome music. It’s inspiring to hear. It focuses my attention. I’m already renaming mp3s so that I remember to play a particular soundtrack during a special type of scene in my book, e.g. the entrance of a character, a battle scene, an aboriginal people’s camp, etc.

I have pleasant, lively music, sad, depressing music, eerie, Mr. E-ous music, and epic marching music! My favorite on currently is title “UN.” That stands of “Ultimately Neat,” though some people say it’s for the United Nations.

So far, this whole music thing has been a success. It has turned hard chapters to write into easy ones, and easy chapters to hard…wait a sec—

In all, listening to music has been a great help. I like classical, but also intense instrumentals. You may like pop, country, rock, or something else. But I recommend writing with music, two arts combined in an epic collaboration of awesome fusion!

Try it. See if it helps. There’s my writing tip for the day.

Not that I’m giving writing tips everyday now…

(Back-to-kindergarten bonus activity! I know this seems a little repetitive of a post, and the word music pops up a lot. See how many times it is said in this post! This includes the title!)


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