Fire Storms

“Did you hear about the new city they’re building?”

“Nay, what it is this about?”

“The new city! Aidana. The one they’re erecting in the East Mountains.”

“A city? In the East Mountains?! Well I’ll never be going there, that’s for sure!”

“Why’s that!”

“The fire storms for goodness sake! They’ll burn that city to the ground!”

“Fire storms? What are those?”

“The terror of the Mavorian mountains! They do not come with rain nor thunder, but with the flames of death!”

“Describe them to me.”

“Oh, they be fierce indeed! Quiet a terror to behold. They come in clouds—nay, they can scarcely be called clouds. They are red auroras!”

“Auroras? They are never harmful.”

“These one’s are. Dangerously beautiful, my granddaddy used to say. Hotter that a volcano’s innards! Never fly a whirlybird into one of those, my friend. Mark my words! They’ll burn you up!”

“What more?”

“The auroras—they belch fire bolts!”

“Fire bolts?”

“Fire bolts.”

“Are they mighty vicious?”

“Indeed they are! They come faster than lightning…and quieter than a mouse. One moment your walking on the mountains for a visit to this glacial rock formation, the next, your toast! Literally!”

“What, do they flash incinerate you?”

“Yes they do! And the fires they light…I’ve see them! On the horizon! Blending with the sun’s rays, the mountain fires! And they’ll be upon Aidana! You mark my words.”

“I probably should cancel my tickets to go there. Maybe Endom instead.”

“Endom? Are you out of your mind?!?! There lie the most gaseous pigs in all of Mavor!”

“Can’t be worse than fire storms.”

“Don’t be too hasty.”


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