An Update

Hey guys, I know I’ve been doing alot of card trick videos recently. Just letting you know, I have not quit writing! For Bloody Genesis, the first of my epic steampunk trilogy, I’ve already written about 3,780 words. Pretty neat, huh? Except I still have alot of introductions to do. I don’t think it should be too hard. I just need to come up with a good transition from an epic motorbike race with T-bones and wheelstands to a night ride over the cliffs of the capital city with friends on the back of rocs and griffins.

Again, it shouldn’t be too hard. After that all but one intro should be pretty easy. I just wanted to tell you guys that. Plus, I wrote a song. Not as cool as the book, but still worth noting.

I can’t wait to eat sausage in America!

And ice-cream.

And shrimp.

And milk.


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