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Ladies, gentlemen, and children of the age of eleven!

It is I, Harry, Drade, and Samorelse. I am here with a progress report of My Game Plan. Firstly, I must say that the steampunk book planning is going exceptionally well. I just began planning for another book a part of the trilogy. Understand, though, that I really only have one plot. Yes, I am planning multiple books right now, but they are all connected. I still have to come up with two other plots.

Speaking of other plots, I must say that I am thinking about a piece of land like the one I used in Heir of Elves. However, it will be more detailed, and it should not lead up to a trilogy. I hope for it to only one book, not a series. I just feel like I’m too tired of medieval fantasy to write a trilogy of it now. You might ask, “Why not just forget about the two other plots and write your steampunk story if you like it so much?” I will tell you the answer. I committed myself to this “Game Plan,” and I want to carry it out. The more I just quit in the middle of things, the more I’ll get used to it. Later as I write the steampunk trilogy, I might decide I don’t like it and quit that!

I don’t want that to happen. Thus, I intend on coming up with two other stories. But since I am leaning alot toward the steampunk story, I plan for those stories only to be one book each. How does it sound? Good? Good. Mule. (Don’t ask… 😉 )

Well, I suppose that is it! Thanks for listening, and I’m looking forward to being able to tell you “I HAVE THREE PLOTS COMPOSED!!!”

See ya guys.

Fly or die,


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