wu: mgp: steampunk story planning progress report

Greetings, ladies and gents. I am glad to see you all here today.

First off, I’d like to officially declare that I am disappointed with Peter that he has not written posts on a weekly schedule. It was not very nice to promise hebdomadal posts when you give them practically monthly. Pouty face.

Second, I’d like to say that my steampunk book is getting really far in its awesomeness. Planning for it is almost done, which means I can move onto Plot #2 for my fantasy book as soon as I’m done. Which should be really, really soon. And I can’t wait till that day. I am lovin’ this story! It’s shaping up to be a trilogy (let me rephrase that: it will be a trilogy). Ohhhh. Savor that. A completed trilogy. *whistling softly*

Well, I gotta go. I need to help lug luggage into an apartment apart from ours. See ya guys. Can’t wait to tell you how my next piece of land is growing.


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