wu: how to get eye-dee-ahs

This is a post on how to get ideas.

Not. Plots.

As you probably know from reading other blog posts, I’m not very good at coming up with plots. To come up with ideas for stories though, here is a method I find helpful.

What is required:

  1. A computer or a notepad and pencil
  2. Dictionary (optional)
  3. A brain (This can be found in various places, as well as your head!)

Note: If you have a starting idea (referred to as Eye-dee-ah #1 in this text) you may skip to Step 4.


  1. Use your brain that you acquired in your head (or one of the various other places) and use it to think of a few cool or interesting words. If the brain you have is not able to do this, go to a dictionary and flip through the pages and pick out random words that pop out to you. Note: these words cannot be “and”, “what”, “or”, etc.
  2. With these five or so words, link them together so that they connect in some sort of way. Now, I’m not implying that you should take the word “banana” and the word “championship” and link them into Banana Eating Championship. If one of the words doesn’t fit with some of the others, discard it and get a new word that fits either from your brain or dictionary.
  3. With these words, you are going to formulate Eye-dee-ah #1. This could be a setting, a character, or a time. Basically everything a noun is (if your brain doesn’t include this information, a noun is a person, place, thing, or even an idea of itself)
  4. With Eye-dee-ah #1, use your computer or notepad and pencil to start writing about this idea as you would in a story. Right now, you have no planning. Just write. Let your ideas flow like a poisonous river and bloom like a venomous dragon flower in the moonlight (not a very pretty picture, that). I recommend writing in first-person. It allows more creativity.
  5. After you’ve written a page or so in this style (which I call freewriting, though there are many other definitions of that word) you should have a few things that you’ve written that have just popped into your head as you crafted the text. These are a few more ideas for you. You may repeat this process with these ideas, and soon you’ll have truckloads. Like I said, this method, especially freewriting, is very useful to me.

Remember, this does not work for plots unless you get crazily extreme. (I guess that’s what I have to do…)

Thanks guys. Sorry for writing two posts in a really short time. Some people may find that annoying. At least you can take my word for it that I will post frequently enough, unlike some people I know…

Well ladies and gents, I hope you liked this,

Your affectionate uncle,


(Thanks, C.S. Lewis! 🙂 )


One response to “wu: how to get eye-dee-ahs

  1. Well, that explains it! I got my brain for half-price in the Lunar Market. It was right next to the Gadget Guy’s stall…


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