wu: mgp: a piece of land for me, thank you very much!

I’ve got a plot! It required only five minutes of my time to think, to sit on my bed and list the ideas I have so far. Then with a little bouncing around and throwing a card like a throwing star at my window and walls repetitively (and not to say wildly), I got the beginnings of a solid plot! And it didn’t require a single bang of my head against the wall. No headaches! I’m on a roll.

Uh huh! Uh huh! *breakdancing crazily* Who de man?! (There’s a rhetorical question for you!)

Well, anyway, I can’t wait to start getting into the details and thinking of two other plots for My Game Plan. I’m just so happy. I need to write this all down before I forget it all. (But writing stuff you already know is so boring… 😦 )

Well, I’ll see ya guys later. Also, don’t forget to go to Peter’s Website and check him out. I know. It’s random. But he’s such a cool guy, so I thought I’d recommend him.

Fly or die,

Yo HO!


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