wu: get ready…here’s my game plan!

Greetings, folks.

It is I, Harry, with my astounding! game plan for my writing.

  1. I come up with three basic plots, each taking place in a different time and/or setting, preferably the following: steampunk world, semi-futeristing Earth, and fantasy world.
  2. I take these plots, one at a time, and develop them so much, that if I was to write each one, the next step would be beginning the first draft. Get my draft? I mean daft, I mean drift. Yikes.
  3. I choose my favorite story (with your help, or course) and write it! Yippee!
  4. Later, when I’m done writing the first one, I can take one of the remaining ones, make it even better, and write it!

How does that sound. I think it sounds plausible. In fact, I think it sounds impeccable! (So birds, stay away.)

I just hope I can come up with the right plots. I’ve got the beginnings of two (taking place in the semi-futerstic Earth and the fantasy world), but the third I have no idea about. But I really think with a couple of months and a hurricane in my brain (Get it? Brainstorming, brainhurricaning! Hur hur hur! OK, so it was a little lame!) I think I can do it. And as long as it is completely good enough, I will commit to writing the whole. entire. thing. Unlike many other books.

Well, chaps, chaplains, and chaperones (and Charlie Chaplin), I hope you like my game plan! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time.

(PS: Fly or die!)


2 responses to “wu: get ready…here’s my game plan!

  1. What I like to do when I am brainstorming, but have run out of ideas is get a really big dictionary (It has to be physical, the internet will not work) and close my eyes.I flip to a random page, and scan the page for words. They can be completely unconnected to the story you are going to create, but basically you take the words and you try to make a story incorporating every single one. You can remove words if they really do not fit, but usually this helps you make very creative stories.


    • Thanks! Good idea! I did do something like that a while ago, but that was with all my fantasy books on my shelf. I took them all off and opened to a random page in each one, scanned the pagse, and found a word or idea that stood out to me. Then I connected them a little or just used one at a time. The word “chamber” and the idea of a Zipline was good enough! Sadly, I don’t have a “physical” dictionary, ’cause I live in China, so English dictionaries are harder to come by. But thanks for the feedback!


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