Griffin L. Thorne…Didn’t see that coming!—BOOK SPOILERS!!

I finished reading Isle of Swords, and it was OK…I mean, the end was OK. The rest of the book was good. I think if Wayne left out the whole pirate-hunting thing it could have been good.

The one thing I didn’t see coming was Cat’s real name. GLT…Griffin L. Thorne. But now there’s only one problem…what’s his middle name?!?

Is is another mythical creature? Lynx (feline guide spirit) or Loogaroo (shapeshifting female vampire)? Or maybe it is more similar to a griffin in general…Lion or something else? Or maybe it is a normal name, like Larry, Lucas, or Lenny.

I sure hope they explain what his middle name is in Isle of Fire, the sequel. It should be coming soon!


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