Isle of Swords—SPOILERS!!!!

Greetin’s, mate! It is I, Cap’n ‘Arry reportin’ back to ya on business of Isle of Swords.


It looks like a worthy book, don’t ya think? ‘Specially since I have a nice Joker card as a bookmark! I’m about ‘alfway through with i’, and so far it’s a good one. Sad part is that I know the answer to one of the most major Mr. Es in the book. Tha’s because I read the summary of Book Two, Isle of FireTha’ book’s arrivin’ in a few days. Ya know Cat, right? Well, I know who he is. But I don’t know his first name, or his middle one after all. GLT… Gregory Lars Thorne? Gerald Luke Thorne? Gotta Little Thorne…in my shoe? Maybe it was supposed to be BLT, and he is from some sorta diner…

Well, I should go now. Hope ya have a good day.

So long, Sir Nigel! (random character from the book)

Captain Drade


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