The White Lion Chronicles—SPOILERS!!!!

The White Lion Chronicles.

Totally worth my time reading it. And my money.

Rise of the Dibor was good for someone’s first novel, especially since the author read only about five real books before crafting the manuscript. The shift from boyhood to manhood was great, and I love the mysteries that it created. They alone glued my eyes to the pages (or Kindle screen as the case is).

The Lion Vrie was good, but, not to be overly critical, I must say that it did not meet my expectations. The beginning of the book was great. Lots of fun. Later though, there were just too many unneeded battle scenes that were really drawn out. Good book, but not great. Then again, alot of books in the middle of a trilogy are like that. They start where they left off at the end of the first book (usually a huge cliffhanger) and end in another cliffhanger, but I suppose this just sets it up for the third book.

Athera’s Dawn was by far my favorite of the trilogy. Apparently it was only five years after The Lion Vrie that it was published. And though I didn’t have to wait that long, I would have. Athera’s Dawn was amazing. All mysteries left unanswered were solved. Though my favorite character (Brax) died, a new one took his place. The White Lion. And we even got to see Morgui (Lucifer) several times. We learned where Gorn was from (which I was not expecting; good twist. I thought he was Grindrr in Rise of the Dibor) and Ot was attacked. And we even saw the Other Tree. Man, those were some bad apples!

Altogether, the White Lion Chronicles was great. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Here, I’ll do it now. READ THE WHITE LION CHRONICLES!!! (I think that took ten heartbeats…)

Thanks ch. I really enjoyed the trilogy. I hope my work will turn out as well!


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