wu: more random paragraphs of fun

Hey guys! Believe it or not, I really enjoyed writing those two paragraphs yesterday. There is no background, no story behind it. It was just fun. So I’m deciding to do it again. This one is in the same sort of setting as last time and with the same character. Here you go.

I pat the flank of my griffin Strapar as I soar downward to the Center Square. Being a Squad Leader gave me special bonuses, including this griffin, tacked and ready for riding and for battle. Attached to the steel collar that wraps around Strapar’s neck is the basic control panel that resembles something like a set of a pinball machine’s controls. From the panel snakes all sorts of wires that connect to the artillery that hang down on the griffin’s flanks. The back and stomach of Strapar are scaled with protective armored plates that are sure to deflect any bullet that comes from a pressure-pistol or any other Venkai gun. And of course there are the simple reigns and stirrups for riding and the comfy leather saddle on which I ride.

Strapar evens his wings and glides down to the dusty marble ground in plain sight of all the onlookers. A few are surprised at seeing a Human Squad Leader; usually they’re minotaurs. But the majority immediately recognizes me by my star-shaped badge and my signature lopsided grin. I smile as some of the youngsters point at me and chatter to their friends in quick excitment. A few faunish kids pretend to have an invisible compound bow just like mine and fire my custom electroshaft arrows. I dismount, throwing my good leg over Strapar’s right flank and landing it solidly on the hard ground. I slip my injured leg out of the other stirrup and greet the crowd that push in from around me. I usually can’t stand so many people; I’m a little claustrophobic. But since my victorious return from Mavor, these people treat me like a lord, and they make sure I can get my space.

How’s that? I know it may not be as good as last time, but I think it was fine. This took me less time to make. I hope you like it!


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