wu: inspiration

Have you ever read a chapter of a book that you really love and when your finished you feel so inspired and you have all these cool ideas filter into your head and you just need to write them down? That’s how I felt after I reread Chapter 1 of The Sky Riders by Christopher Hopper. After reading the entire book and knowing it in and out, I can see just by reading the first chapter how complex the plot and story is, and I love it. So of course my mind races with ideas and things that only last a few minutes, but before they disappear I need to write at least some down. So I want to show you these two paragraphs I pulled up in about five minutes. Here they are.

Desperate and confused, I swivel on my heel with the Venkai closing in upon me in a compact circle. I snap another arrow from my seemingly bottomless quiver and look for the closest target. But I don’t fine one. Each terrorist is perfectly adjacent with the others to his left and right, each one holding up a twin-barreled pistol pointing directly at my head. The second a trigger is pulled, I know I’ll be done.

After I pull my visor down over my eyes, I watch as lines of data appear in the corners of my vision, telling me everything that my helmet’s computer chip knows about the weaponry and armor systems the Venkai use. I lift my compound-bow in front of me and nock my arrow, pulling the bowstring taught. I see a red target fly across my tinted visor as I move my bow from one side to the other. What are they waiting for? The terrorists seem to want me to strike first. I shall not let them down. I lift my bow and watch the target symbol focus on a crevice armor of a Venkai trooper. The image blinks a few times and I release the bowstring. The shaft shoots through the air at the same speed as a bullet and buries itself deep in between two plates of armor near the shoulder-blade. The Venkai falls to his knees, his dark smile still cresting his lips when he breathes his last. There seems to be something they know that I don’t, and I intend to figure it out.

How’s that? I know it’s rough, but I think it’s cool enough! Thank you Christopher Hopper for crafting such a cool manuscript for kids like me to get inspired off of!


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