wu: tgl: creatures of the sea

Hey people!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I’ve been sort of busy. We had to go to Beijing via train for an overnight ride, renew my passport, and take another overnight train back that day. And I was sick the entire time. And the day we left (Monday) my ears started popping. And you know what? They still are.


But I’m not here to tell you about popping ears. I need someone’s help. Can you guess who that is? You should know because I’ve been asking that same person for help alot recently. Still can’t guess who?

It’s you!

Yeah, yeah. I know. You probably think I can’t think up any ideas of my own by now because I’ve been asking for your help loads over my Writing Updates. But the truth is, sometimes a writer gets writer’s block. I’m this type a writer.

This time I need your help to come up with a sentient creature. These are some of the characteristics they must have:

  • They must be evil in a wise, dark sorcerer sort of way (meaning they are sorcerers).
  • They must be an aquatic race that can breathe under water and on land.
  • They cannot be stupid brutish warriors with maces and such. They need to be cunning and wise in their moves. They can fight, though.
  • They must look good with a staff/scepter.
  • They must have sea-green colored eyes.
  • They must be able to wear cloaks.

I know this seems like alot, but those are the things that need to fit in for the story.

I thank you for your help, and if you’d like, you can leave your first name in the comments with your idea(s). If I end up using your idea, I might pull a Wayne Thomas Batson trick and modify your name to make it sound like a fantasy name and use it in the book. I would ask for your surname and/or middle name, but if you feel uncomfortable with me knowing that information about you, that’s fine. A first name works splendidly. If you ever give me ideas for my story (not just for this post), I suggest leaving you name(s) with your comment so that if I use your idea I will use your name too and give you a place in the acknowledgements.

I’ll see ya next time.



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