memverse…how cool people memorize verses

Hey guys! It is time for my walking-advertizement mode which I inherited from my mom. Today I would like to tell you about memverse!

I just joined like the day before yesterday, but I already like it. I suggest you check it out. You can plug in all your verses and go to it everyday to review them. If you think you’ve got one down, make your rating 5 so that it won’t keep reviewing easy verse frequently. If you need more time on it more often, rate your level on it 1. You will learn verses easy with this site.

Speaking of memorizing verses, I’ve got to memorize several over the next few weeks. But with this, it’ll be easy!

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 7.32.19 AM

How Cool People Memorize Verses

(I made up that tagline myself)


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