wu: tgl: progress & reading report…in a strange accent

Hey guys!

I jes’ wanted to tell ya’ll tha’ I’m goin’ good in my story. The next chapte’ I’ll be workin’ on is chapte’ thirteen where the heirs’ trainin’ begins. It’ll be fun, ’cause all sorts of characters from the prologue will be shown once again in tha’ chapte’. The faun named Ilrick ‘ll come back, and the minotaur called Vren will too. In tha’ chapte’ ya’ll learn ’bout the heirs’ int’rests, as well as their talents. Pretty neat, huh?

Well, I wanna tell ya guys ’bout some of their names, but not what they’ll be mainly referred to in the book. The main main character is called Elbriond. Pronounced EL-bree-OND. (Don’ ask me why some letters are in caps and others are not) The next one is Idenwise! That’s pronounced EYE-den-WISE. Pretty simple so far, hm? The last name is Layis. Let’s see if you can figure out how dat one is pronounced. Elbriond means king of the skies, while Idenwise means son of fire. Layis means wind maiden.

Well, the next part of this here post is ’bout readin’. I have successfully gone near bankrupt, but I have a few bucks to buy a few more books on Nile, I mean Amazon. I’m about 39% done with The Lion Vrie, an’ I jes’ entered a cool part of the story. I highly recommend the book.

Well, dat’s ’bout it. I’ll be seein’ you next time. G’bye!


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